While in Seoul for my vacation there were a couple MUST do things while I was there for my first time back since last year. One of those things was to go back to Namsan tower where I originally made the promise to myself that I’d come back to Korea in a year and half. About a year and a half ago I was in Seoul just to vacation having just graduated from college. It was then that I realized I wanted to come back and live here. Namsan tower is a popular place for couples to come and put “love locks” on the rail/fence/line whatever you want to call it.

I did one for myself last year and wrote that promise that I’d be back in a year and a half and locked my lock to the fence. I kept the key (most couples throw the key off the tower even though you aren’t supposed but they do it anyway to symbolize their love will last forever or something) so that I could come back and unlock it and would kind of completing my whole promise. Anyway I learn that they collect all the locks and move them. Also where I locked mine last year isn’t even possible anymore since they replaced the wire fence thing with just a glass wall. Now it’s only in one portion of the Tower area. As you can see in the picture, after they move it from its original location I had no way of finding it. The idea was cool, wish I could’ve completed the whole process.

Anyway, I like that I was able to go up to the tower like I did originally a year and a half ago. Hiking all the way up to the tower is definitely worse in the summer than it was in the winter time last year. Either way the promise is completed.


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